Evan Transue

Helping your students FINALLY take positive action towards dealing with mental health issues.


“Evan was outstanding. I have been a school teacher/administrator for 20 years. He was the best presenter I have seen in an assembly in my career. 3 assemblies in one day, 850 kids fully engaged for 40 minutes each. You could hear a pin drop.”

Frank Pustay

Principal, Unami MS

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Why SO MANY young adults now have mental health issues.


The “Aha” Moment

The “Aha” Moment is Evan’s most requested presentation. As of 2024, he has delivered it professionally over 500 times. In this speech, Evan walks high school and college students through his journey of starting life out on the right foot, but eventually letting his mental health issues (namely, anxiety disorders and major depressive disorder) get the best of him. Through story, he educates students on what it is like to live with anxiety disorders, major depressive disorder, and substance use disorder.

This presentation eventually builds up to a powerful, dramatic moment in Evan’s story where he finally realized the damage he had caused in his own life (and the lives of those around him) by not getting help for his mental health issues. During this dramatic moment, he directly calls for the audience to start taking positive, productive action towards getting their mental health on track. The presentation then concludes with actionable steps that ANY student can benefit from, as well as a message of hope showing that Evan’s life did in fact turn out more amazing than he could have ever imagined.

An Unconventional Approach To Support Young Adult’s Mental Health

This talk is exclusively for parents, teachers, and college students. A large part of Evan’s work is in the functional medicine space, as this is what helped me get his mental health under control. Although he is extremely passionate about this area of study, he does NOT BELIEVE that everyone benefits from functional medicine in the same way, and thus DOES NOT SHARE THIS in his school presentations to students. However, for older audiences that are more discerning of what information is and isn’t relevant to their situation, this presentation acts as a perspective-shifting conversation around WHY so many young people are experiencing mental health issues, and the unconventional, science-backed approaches we can take to help get their health on track.

Goal-setting, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

Depending on the school, Evan is often asked to faciliate other conversations around personal development and or entrepreneurship. In addition to mental health, this is a huge area of passion for him, and it was an essential part of his healing journey, too. As each school’s needs are different, each talk is set up according to the agreed upon needs of whoever is booking this presentation.

What People Say

“As always, my students were fully engaged in Evan’s presentation. Many students voiced that, ‘Evan was the best speaker we’ve ever had.”

Jenkintown High School

“I am still hearing from the studen’t community about how well-received Evan’s message was to kids. Thank you.”

Abington Friends School

“Evan was fantastic and did an amazing job. Would love to have him back next year.”

Kristen Stash

Health and PE Teacher, Mars Area High School

“Evan is exceptional! This is what he was meant to do. I see him making a huge difference on so many levels.”

Patty Ehret

Health Teacher, Upper Merion High School

“Evan’s presentation touched a myriad of students. They were able to open up to the counseling department with stuggles they had not wanted to share until they heard Evan’s story and his advice. The presentation was very powerful and needed at our school. Thank you for making a difference!”

Jenny Diamond

School Counselor, Conwell-Egan Catholic High School

“I just wanted to say you were a really good speaker and you really moved me. I went through a lot of mental health issues last year, and I even went to the hospital. I’m on the mend now, though. I’m really glad you came to speak to us today and thank you for sharing your story.”


Governor Livingston High School

“I think this presentation just saved my life. Thank you.”


Lenape Middle School

From a mom of a Tohickon Middle School student:

“My son came home from school on Tuesday and told me all about you. First thing you need to know about him is he rarely talks about school. It takes quite a bit of creative questioning to engage him in talking about his school day. Not the case on Tuesday! He talked at length about your life story and the incredible impact you had on him. He really connected with both your struggle and your message of hope.

He has suffered from anxiety and depression for the past several years. He was hospitalized about a year and a half ago and has made incredible progress since. He has a great team of people helping and cheering him on. I know he still struggles, however, and within the last few months drug use has hit his radar.

Thankfully, he has talked with us about it and we are doing the best we can to provide the best support. It’s not easy. Your visit to Tohickon was incredibly timely. After he shared with me all about your visit, I asked him what his top 3 take aways were. He didn’t hesitate and shared, “1, choose your friends wisely. 2, think about the next 10 YEARS, not the next 10 minutes. 3, there is hope.”

As a mom, I don’t think there is a greater gift than to have your kid feel hopeful about the future. Please know that sharing your story is shaping young lives. Since Tuesday, he seems changed and I know it’s because of you. I truly cannot thank you enough.”

Evan’s Story

The “Aha” Moment

He was once a straight-A student, winning awards for responsibility, cooperation, and honesty, in addition to being recommended to his school district’s Gifted program. Despite these blessings, and even with a supportive family and amazing group of friends, Evan had a secret. His secret was the anxiety and depressive disorders that began to develop early in his childhood. These would continue to get worse and worse into his teenage years, until they were no longer able to be ignored.

At 15 years old, Evan had already been dealing with, at the time, undiagnosed mental health conditions for a decade. While his mental health symptoms worsened, simultaneously, school and life was getting harder. He was no longer able to keep up the act, and things began to go downhill rapidly.

By his junior year of high school, Evan’s cumulative GPA had dropped to a 1.7. He was failing multiple classes, and had developed a dependence on illegal substances, even selling them to afford his habit.

By his senior year of high school, things were an absolute mess. He made it only 17 days into his senior year of high school before being kicked out and arrested. Unfortuantely, that was not the final straw for him, though.

It wouldn’t be until another 4 months from the day he was arrested before his life took a turn for the better, but that turn wouldn’t come without more loss. The ending of a multi-year relationship with a high school girlfriend he thought he was going to marry one day was the final straw that gave him his “aha” moment. He understood that no one was coming to save him, and although is mental health issues weren’t his FAULT, they were his RESPONSIBILITY to get under control (through getting professional help, of course).

Evan credits this “aha” moment with saving his life. Since then, Evan has given hundreds of professional presentations all around the USA. He also owns a functional medicine business in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his fiance, Maddy. When he’s not speaking or working on the business, he enjoys a variety of positive hobbies including hiking, camping, traveling, reading, weightlifting, and, (embarassingly, as he says), even pickleball.